Reading is something I like to talk about a lot. If you read through my Facebook and Twitter posts over the last few months, you will see that I have talked a lot about reading. However, I do not think I have done enough justice to this subject with my posts. Check out the posts … More READ TO LEAD

The WIIFM Principle.

Every radio station has its own frequency modulation. Here in Nigeria, one of the most popular radio stations is Raypower. To listen to Raypower, all you need to do is tune in to 100.5 FM within a coverage area and you will start enjoying whatever programme they are running on that radio station. Also in … More The WIIFM Principle.


As I write this article, Ben Carson is a Republican candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America. But back in primary school, Ben Carson was regarded as the dumbest child in his class. Ben’s grades were so terrible that he believed that he was naturally dumb. His classmates and people around him … More DON’T LOOK DOWN ON PEOPLE (LOOK INWARD THEM)


Let’s create a scenario together. Let’s assume there is a certain John who plays professional football for Arsenal FC. He has very good football skills, he is very serious with his football, and he attends trainings all the time and even stays back after training everyday to have extra training. John has a dream to … More JUST DO IT!